Sunday, January 10, 2010

Have a Rest

I saw this beautiful shadow of the metal bench on the way to Belle Isle Conservatory. The weather was clear, and the sun was out. There was no snow on ground yet so the grass was still very green. It is not like this anymore. It's covered with snow now.

You can find this type of bench all around the Conservatory. It is beautiful to sit here to enjoy the outside on a nice warm day. You can view the outdoor garden from here.

We walked around the Conservatory for a while, looking for different type of shadow. This bench above was in front of a tree, and the shadow was interesting.

Then my nephew said, "Let me take a rest", and I caught a picture just at the right time. He is a great pretender. Look at how he acted so well

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  1. The line shadows on the grass are beautiful, but the last shot really cracked me up!

  2. Comfy looking shadow shot!
    Perfect lines!
    ~Really Rainey~

  3. Hehe...he does look like he's tired. ;-)

  4. These pictures are nice. Your nephew is a cutie! :)

  5. It is beautiful....nice effect with the shadow

  6. the shadow shot is very attractive, Icy, the shadow agains the green grass provides a great contrast and the lines are wonderful. and of course, your nephew is cute.

  7. What lovely shadow shot, Icy! Oops, but not as cute as your nephew! He's really talented! Hahaha! Love it!

  8. Lovely captures! I'd be happy to sit for a spell on that bench. Looks like a nice spot!

  9. Nice shadows. Hope your nephew got to rest :)

  10. Oh well, he really looked like he's so tired. Great Icy!

  11. Yes, this was a perfect shadow shot! The little pretender is mighty cute too!!

    I just joined SSS so am trying to get around to some of the blogs, even if a little late.

  12. The bench makes wonderful shadows, a great catch. I thought the first on was my favorite until I saw the last photo, it is the best. It gave me a big smile.

  13. well he made the shot pretty believable for a good rest =)

  14. What a fantastic capture. This is one of your best Icy, I love it.

  15. Your nephew is a real cutie, but then so are your children. Must run in the family. :-)


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