Sunday, January 24, 2010

Monster and Things

Here are my shadows for this week! I am not quite sure what were the shadows in the first two photos, but they just look interesting to me. I know the white rectangular spots are my windows, and the others are probably from the Christmas displays.

These are my recycling groceries shopping bags, which I hang on the back door as a reminder when I have to get to the store. The green color was just beautiful under a bit of sun.

I am constantly looking for shadows, and these last few weeks I was lucky to find them inside our house, at the oddest places.

Here is the monster my nephew tried to pose for me. He is the little guy that you saw pretending to sleep on the bench two weeks ago.

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  1. Oh, I do the same thing -- looking everywhere for shadows and it is amazing where you can find them. These are fantastic! Love the rich colors! What did I ever do before I had shopping bags? Have a great week!


  2. beautifully composed shots and remind me of my own re-usable cloth bags that i have hanging on every door handle in the house so we remember to take them shopping with us! (Plus two in my handbag!)

  3. Icy, with our gray skies, you have been quite resourceful to find shadows, and they are nice crisp ones too!

  4. Great shadows. I do that too with my reusable bags so I can remember to put them back in the car.

  5. Icy, you are capturing some great shadow shots, I am very impressed. I don't even think of looking for them. You possess very creative eyes.

  6. Your creative nephew makes a very cute monster shadow! That's so cute! I like the top two as well!

  7. Cute monster. I always love your shadow shots.

  8. I love the ones with the shopping bags. They're very creative.

  9. I really like these shadows, Icy. Great job!

  10. very creative with the shadows, your nephew definitely made it look like a cute monster =) the windows shadows has a man like shadow with arms raised hanging something. That's how I perceive it! hehe

    happy monday to you icy! Sorry I only got back from blogging now.

  11. It's actually the first shot that seems spooky and mysterious to me! Very nice design. Like the contrasts of colors and shapes.

  12. Good shots! I've got a couple I have to remember to post on a day when I'm short of something to write about. I'm keeping my eyes peeled these days!!!

  13. I love that you have recycled shopping bags! My partner is environmental scientist, and I am not even there yet. Ewww...


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