Sunday, January 3, 2010

On Red Leaf

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. The hustle and bustle time is now somewhat calming down. Many people have fallen back into daily routine and ritual.

The pictures below are found in my Fall collection archive. We have just white snow and patches of ice now.

Two Lines

This red leaf got caught by the fence, and the morning dew drops were shining under the sunlight. This beautiful color called out for attention, and I found two lines of shadow from the grass on it. How perfect was it for shadow shot?

One Line

As the wind blew it to a different area on the fence, I followed like a good puppy! Hey, I was hunting for shadow, and I would not give up until I have some snaps!

Visit Harriet, and begin your journey into the wonderful world of shadow!

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  1. Interesting shots. I love the color!

    Yes, I've had a lot of spam too.

  2. Beautiful shots. So sharp and rich in colour!

  3. I like that you followed it like a 'good puppy' :) A delicious shade of red!

  4. Shadow knifing leaf,
    lifeblood trickling out like dew—
    who can stanch the wound?

    Bring-on-the-Band Shadows!

  5. Icy, that would work for Ruby Tuesday too! Brilliant colors & sharp details!

  6. You know just how to pick them, Icy. I like that first one. It looks just like a fish.

  7. Very pretty, I like the dark maroon color of the shadows on the red leaf.

  8. The colour in those leaves is amazing. So vibrant!

  9. what a lovely leaf, such a vivid colour

  10. the shadows on the red leaf are very pretty, Icy. you sure do find wonderful shadow images around.

  11. Icy, first, the red leaf is really gorgeous and to capture the shadow is amazing. Well done my friend.

  12. Happy new year Icy. I have been rather absent from the blogging world in December but hope to be back regularly again. Love the way the grass cast a shadow on the leaf.

  13. The red leaf captured my sight more, so bright =)

  14. Interesting shots. I hardly see red leaf here.

  15. Very nice shots Icy, the red leaf is so pretty. This time of the year our archives are a great way to brighten things up a little.

  16. That fire-engine-red leaf is spectacular and the shadow of the grass blades really make the shot even more incredible.


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