Saturday, January 30, 2010

Trees On the Ground

If you are constantly taking pictures, chances are that you would forget where you've stored them or what you've taken. That is my case! Well, as you know I'm a Michigan dweller and the winter is here. We go for days with just gray sky and no sun.

I found these pictures in my archives from the fall.

Tracy at Hey Harriet, the hostess of Shadow Shot Sunday knew that she would get many people hooked in this very rewarding theme.

I feel like a chipmunk sometimes, trying to stock up on shadow pictures just in case the weather turns bad, and I am glad I did when the opportunity presence.

I love the dark color of the tree shadow on the ground full of leaves. Now, a year or so I would have missed seeing this as a beautiful view. Looking for shadows keep me aware of light and shade, colors and directions.

If you have a camera, grab it, and take some pictures! What our human eyes see some time is different than what the camera sees, and vice versa.

Visit Hey Harriet to see more entries!

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  1. Lovely, crisp shadow shots! Love that sunshine!! Hope you're having a lovely weekend!


  2. These shots are really good. Thanks for sharing. We had some sun yesterday, but it was cloudy today.

  3. I love these shadow shots of the trees. It's funny because when I looked at yours I remembered I took some tree shadow photos this fall. I had forgotten all about them.

    I especially like the first one, it is so pretty and very special.

  4. The sun shines infrequently nowadays so catching shadows is not always easy. You have captured some really nice ones. Good job!

  5. so true, Icy. grab the moment, seize the day, with our camera :) I did today too, right after leaving the classroom :)

  6. Haha! I'm a chipmunk too! Stocking up on shadow shots for rainy days. And forgetting where I put them! Love these ones from your archives!

  7. Delightful spindly shadows! Almost like a huge spider web!

  8. such crisp shadows, icy! and so true, one should stock up for rainy days..i should bare that in mine.

    though it is sunny this part, i wouldn't dare to go out have a walk... it is -3!!!

    your photos brings a bit of warmth!


  9. Love this series of shots! Nice attention to detail:) Happy SSS! Christine :D

  10. It's always good to have a camera in hand icy. You never know what opportunity may arise.

  11. These are pretty cool. They almost look like paintings. Very nice.


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