Friday, January 8, 2010

Decorated Tree

These pictures were taken some time ago, and the sky had a touch of pink and blue colors. Although the sun peeked out now and then, most of the time it was gray!

When I saw the little light pink cloud, I thought it was just beautiful. It is amazing to see the tiny speck of color, and feel so good inside, especially for Michigan dwellers, like me.

The clouds moved just right above this huge tree and stopped! It looked like the tree was decorated with spots of pink clouds.

I like how the above picture turned out with more spots of pink clouds on this superstar tree. I was looking for dramatic colors, but I was given these soft colors to enjoy.

Have a wonderful Sky Watch Friday!

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  1. It looks like the tree is decorated with cotton candy which I think would be a delightful thing to see!

  2. I love the look of the sky between the bare trees. A little pinkist blend well with the light blue. Beautiful pics.

  3. Icy, I love the pink cast to your sky. I search for skies like that! Wonderful capture! Thanks for sharing!

  4. how come you and betchai get to see pink clouds/sky? i wonder if i'll ever get to spot here too ? lol

    happy weekend!!

  5. Beautiful pictures. Very fascinating! Thanks for sharing these to us, Icy BC. :)

  6. So pretty Icy, it does look as though the tree has been decorated with pretty pink fluff. Nice shots.

  7. Icy, such pretty ornaments for your tree that would be so barren otherwise!

  8. naturally decorated tree, and the natural decors made it more special and beautiful. love them Icy.

  9. Fantastic Icy. The colors and background for the tree make a beautiful quilt silhouette. You have such a creative eye.

  10. These are wonderful pics. I haven't notice the pink in the sky before. Now I will look out for it.

  11. Love how the lights seem to be blending artistically. Those bare trees look mysteriously beautiful! And very well photographed, Icy!


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