Monday, January 18, 2010

Three Memes For Writers and Poets

You've probably noticed that there are many memes/themes out there that connect bloggers together. It is a great way to exchange traffic to the blogs, especially for photo bloggers. I, myself, have joined a few of these memes for all my three blogs.

However, there are other people who love to write to keep the creative juice moving. Once in a while, I have this urge to just write something that is out of this world or something that pertains to no money aspect of the writing side.

My mind is stuck in the mud sometimes, and life demands push me away from this kind of luxury to indulge in. I thought of writing prompts for something short and different or to get back into the writing groove.

I found three memes that I thought very interesting.

Microfiction Monday

This site is hosted by Susan at Stony River in Ireland. Every Sunday she will post a picture or an illustration, and follows up with her own story that was inspired by the picture/illustration. You can write whatever you want, but is has to be within 140 characters. This is geared toward the new Twitter craze!

Join the fun if it is enticed you!

The One Minute Writer

This site is hosted by C. Beth at One Minute Writer. You can find a prompt everyday to inspire your writing. What makes this fun? You have exactly one minute to write your story using the prompt. There is a timer on C. Beth's blog that you must hit "Play" when you are ready to write.

Try it, and see how many words you can come up in one minute.

One Single Impression

If you are a poet, you must check out this site! You can find a prompt every Sunday and have the whole week to work on your poem. After you've published your post, you can put your URL in to Mister Linky.

This week prompt is Chaos! Sounds like fun isn't it?

These sites are great for all writers and poets to take that creativeness up a level.

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  1. Very interesting finds, Icy! The poetry one looks especially fun to me. :)

  2. These are great resources Icy. I'm checking out one minute wri8ter right now.

  3. Icy, great tips on these sites. The last one sounds like something I'd enjoy. I will definitely check it out. Thank you.

  4. good info. thanks for the research and post.

  5. The first two sound like fun, I might have to brush the dust off my writing skills one of these days.

  6. I'll have to keep track of these three...they sound like fun!

  7. Thou for posting the memes. Sounds like fun without taking up too much time. I guess I need to start participating.

  8. Thanks for these, Icy. I'm just breezing through today as my laptop is broken. I'm starting to panic about not being able to visit my favourite sites, and having to type in passwords which I've forgotten:-)

  9. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing.
    How is Michigan right now, Icy? :)

  10. Thank you ladies for your support!

    Grace--Michigan is cold, gray, and depressing!

  11. This is wonderful information and sites that I would like to check out. Thanks for letting us know about these sites.

  12. I used to be such a poet before but I topped writing, carmen will do great with these memes.


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