Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Translation Service Online

I have suggested my clients to different court translators, and preferred them to online services since I stopped doing this kind of work. Many people just wanted their documents translate, or a simple letter of recommendation.

Since I worked out of my own home, many clients made a habit of coming by any time they wanted, and negotiating the price I have set! I folded easily when I was under pressure, and often charged less than the time I have spent on the documents.

Other times, I spent the whole day going from lawyer to lawyer, long hours worked, traveled, no foods, and received about $50. My first priority was to help people by allowing my clients to pay what they could, but then I found this was not a good policy. My honesty and sincerity didn't measure much as a translator when I was taken advantage of.

After two years, I decided to just stop doing translation all together. I think that if I ever want to get back into this business, I would rather work for a big company, and let them deal with the wheeling and dealing about the money part of it. It would be less trouble, headache, and heartache for me.

If you know anyone who wants to work as a translator, or need translation service, prefer him/her to This website offers many perks for both employees and clients.

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  1. Icy, great insight about translating. Sorry you've had a spam attack. How silly!

  2. It's hard to set limits, isn't it, Icy? Your services are valuable and you deserve to be able to make a living wage at what you do. That's one of the reasons I quit catering. I was doing a lot of work for friends and I ended up putting in hours and hours and they all expected me to do it for next to nothing. I barely got paid for the cost of the food sometimes so I just gave it all up. I could work extra in nursing and make a lot more and I was a single mom, without child support, raising three sons alone.

  3. Thanks for the link the the translation site, Icy.

  4. Some bad apples make it really hard to love your job or help anyone. Hopefully you will find great friends and supporters on your new journey.

  5. this will be good for me, i also checked this out =)


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