Sunday, January 24, 2010

Use Dual Flush Kit to Save Money and the Earth

A couple months ago, I had my final run in with our downstairs bathroom facility. It had been giving me trouble all along, and keep getting worst every time. I always worried that one of those days it would end up in a disaster, and it did.

When the emergency arose, I had to enlist the help of my brother-in-law! Yes, I went to Home Depot to pick out the toilette I like, and tried as I might to get some services, I didn't! So I left it up to my brother-in-law to pick and choose for me. He mentioned that one of those Dual Flush Toilets was the best choice.

He bought it home, and replaced the old one with the new dual flush toilet. With this system, it would save me money since it takes less water to flush, thus it also is greener for the earth. Saving money on the water bill is always a plus for me, and using less of the earth resource is even better.

It is now about three months later, I have seen a decrease in my water usage with the new dual flush toilet. I haven't figure out how much money I have saved yet because our city has just raised the price on water. I just know that the water usage was considerably less than before.

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  1. Great job, Icy. I've got to fix mine too because it runs constantly - expensive and wasteful. My husband says just jiggle the handle. lol

  2. Interesting, I was looking at those the last time I was at Home Depot.

  3. That is so great that you got a toilet that will save you money on your water bill.

  4. anything that we can do to help save mother earth, every simple thing matters

  5. I agree with Ayie, every little thing counts...all for our "mother" Thank you for this information, Icy!:)


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