Wednesday, January 6, 2010

White Orchids

I was taken by the beauty in this bunch of orchid, and tried to take some pictures! The problem was the Conservatory seemed to set off the flash in my camera, and I didn't figure out how to turn it down.

There were many features on my little camera for me to discover! I read it, and made a mental note on remembering them, but I couldn't apply them when I was in a rush to snap pictures.

I wish I had better pictures of these delicate orchids since they amazed me with many flowers on one branch. Not knowing how to turn the flash off, I decided to stop snapping photos. They were way too washed out.

Since the picture didn't yield great result, I played around with it, or maybe I was just looking for a reason to play around with photoshop. There are many free software out there, so this process is a breeze, and it can be addicting.

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  1. Icy, when you click the photo to enlarge, they are gorgeous. You can see all the color and details. I think it's a great shot. For some reason on my camera the flash always screws up the photos, I don't know why. I like this though

  2. I have a problem with the motion setting on my camera. It doesn't make sense, but if I select it to take pics of animals or children they come out blurry. I also have a problem when I photograph white flowers. Many times there are no details. I'm not the camera wizard. lol, but you have brought your flowers back to life. Beautiful!

  3. The orchids still look lovely.

  4. That's exactly what happened to me yesterday when I tried to take snow pictures of my garden. The camera kept flashing against the window pane (I was inside the house) and all my pictures ended up with a bright light and nothing else.
    My husband turned it off and I found that it was really easy to do.

  5. the orchids are really gorgeous nice shots

  6. I am a great fan of your 'playfulness' with your camera

    And hope you had a nice Christmas and have a very happy new year


  7. i agree with Jo, Icy, when I clicked on the picture to view the larger image, it is so awesome!

  8. I think the orchids are beautiful in these shots, Icy.

  9. Beautiful white orchids, Poetic is right about the enlarged photo. I have the opposite problem. With my camera I have to manually enable the flash and sometimes I forget.

  10. that can make a good artys card, it's nice with the effect.


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