Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wild Black Grapes

I saw this branch of wild grapes by the back fence of our yard, in the fall! I don't usually go back there since nothing seemed to grow under a pine tree and other big trees. However, there were always a crowd of birds and squirrels around this area!

Due to my curiosity, I went back there one day, and saw these wild black grapes! I understood completely while there were always birds and squirrels around these trees in the back. I didn't taste these grapes just yet.

This summer I plan on going to the back of my yard to compete with the birds and squirrels. I will have to have one of these delicious looking black grapes.

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  1. The birds and squirrels may not like that, Icy!! They may consider this their private domain, you know!

  2. I never knew how pretty black grapes could be. I think I see some of the blue sky reflected in the top grape.

  3. It's amazing there are still some there. Did you get any bird or squirrel pics?

  4. Great find, I wonder how they taste. Do you have different species of squirrels or just the black?

  5. I have a grapevine in my backyard, but the grapes are never black. Nic pics!

  6. Are they edible? If so, how cool is that? I once tried to grow some raspberry and failed miserably. Seeing these grapes made me want to try again.

  7. Amazing that they are still there. I wonder what they taste like.

  8. Great photos Icy. I'm not sure but the grapes in your photos look a lot like what I remember as Muscadine grapes. They were very common in Georgia where I grew up.

  9. Birds will always find and flock to the yummy little treats. Nice closeup shots.

  10. Competing with them? Don't forget to blog about it ok so we'll know how delish those black grapes are!


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