Monday, February 22, 2010

Blue Sugar Jar

This blue heart sugar jar was found at a local thrift shop. I like to go to the Salvation Army to look for collectible like this. It is not only save me money, but I found unusual items at little cost.

Thrift stores are now a hot place to shop for many families since they can stretch their money further. What I found out is that if you go there on a certain day, you can even get 50% off your purchase.

When you walk in a thrift store, look for the sign by the front register, and it will tell you what sticker colors will get the additional marked down for that day. For example, this blue heart jar came in a set of three pieces at $4.99, but they were running a special on yellow tag, and so I only paid half of the amount. What a steal, isn't it?

So far I only had time to explore the kitchen area in thrift stores, and what I found there was quite surprising, and amazing.

What about you? Do you shop at thrift store?

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  1. Oh, yes. I do all the time. I like to pick up bargains, but mostly buy large packs of long-lasting home products like washing powder, rice, skin cream and other things we use which are on sale.
    I always get bulk items when they're on sale because I'll only have to buy them later at full price.

  2. I love thrift store shopping!! I posted some of my goodies on my last week Show and Tell Friday post. Love your great little treasure!

  3. I have found an item or two in thrift stores, but usually, I walk out empty-handed. Happy Blue Monday.

  4. What a cute jar and amazing price!

    To answer your question, I occasionally shop in thrift stores. I have one friend who loves to go thrifting and so I go with her when I visit. Sometimes you can find good things, other times the inventory is pretty well picked over.

  5. Gorgeous collection. I like your sugar jar.

  6. Icy, that jar is so cute and sometimes you can find some real treasures. I check out the local Goodwill here and love perusing the books. I enjoy finding old books, especially if they are poetry and I get them at great prices.

  7. Thrift stores are a staple at my house. I have several I like to visit at least once a month. I've bought several treasures like yours.
    tin and sparkle

  8. That is really pretty, I love the colors and design. Sometimes I go to thrift stores when I'm looking for something specific.

  9. I love the treasures I find in thrift stores. I joke with them that I am in there so often they should pay me.

    Very pretty find, Icy.

  10. There aren;t any thrift stores here but I would love to poke around and see what I would find if I ever came across any.

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  12. You got a great deal on the sugar jar. It's very pretty and a perfect subject of a Blue Monday!

  13. I like to go to thrift stores too. You can find some decent stuff for reasonable prices. I also go to the second hand warehouse that is around the corner from where I live. I can find some cheap books, movies, and cds there.

  14. i love getting my books from thrift stores =)


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