Thursday, February 18, 2010

How To Make CMF Ads Work for You

Many of us bloggers sign up at various places with a purpose of earning pocket money. I am guilty of this. I read a few articles or posts on how others monetize their blog, and off I go to sign up. Then I will spend time pulling my hair out because I don't know how to make it work properly for me.

However, I recently learned how to make CMF Ads work out for me. After their latest introduction to Spikes and their lower paid out price, I decided to check into my account. There I found that I have accumulated more than $3. I was happy of course because I didn't really do anything with it after I signed up.

To make a long story short, I poke around this new Spikes, and decide to explore more. I create ad campaigns for my blogs, which will allow me to advertise my sites on other blogs if I so choose, and I follow a ritual of visiting my CMF Ads account almost every day.

  • After I sign in, I check for Spikes in my dashboard
  • I click on those blogs to visit
  • I check the statistic of my blogs, and buy Spikes for the one that needs traffic (30 cents for 75 clicks, 20 cents for 50 clicks, and 10 cents for 25 clicks). I earn 10 cents for every 50 blogs that I visited.
  • I bought some advertising campaigns for my blogs.
A week later, I notice a big different in my CMF account. It is not the money part, but it is the advertising requests from other bloggers on my sites. Before, I can barely fill the two slots on my blogs, now I have five slots and around 27 advertisers for each site.

After I remove EC, my traffic plummets but I was happy with my decision. I didn't want to spend lot of time online dropping 300 EC a day. With CMF Ads, I can visit 50 blogs, use the money that I've earned and drive traffic to my sites.

So, have CMF Ads worked out for you so far?

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  1. quite interesting..good luck in making money online!

  2. just read up...that is also the reason why my comment is also moderated...happy blogging!

  3. Icy, that is so cool that it has worked for you. It however has never worked out for me. I basically only do Adgitize now and find I have much more time for myself.

  4. Icy, I'd like to spend more time doing more things, and your tips are AWESOME. You never recommend anything that is not worthwhile. :-) You spend so much time reading and researching. God bless. I don't know how you do it! Thanks Icy. You are so helpful!

  5. I wish I were smarter about all of this, Icy. I still haven't given up EC but I may have to do so. I need to pursue CMF more and I just signed up with Adgetize. I need to make a little money...funny, my nursing salary was $54/hour - $68 for my perdiem hours and here I'm scrambling for a few cents!!

  6. Lovely photos in previous posts!

    Have a great weekend
    Hugs Gunilla in Singapore

  7. I have never tried CMF ads and have, up to now, resisted having any adverts on my blogs. I know that with a lot of them you have to do a lot of visiting and I just do not have the time right now. But I am gald that they are working for you.

  8. That sounds cool that you've figured out how to make it work for you too, in your favor! Driving traffic to your site is what everyone wants, right?

  9. I've used spikes. I still do. However, I'm not sure that the traffic counts on Google because they don't make you stay on the site for long enough. You can click on a site for a few seconds and CMF will count that as a 'visit.' I don't think Google counts anything less than 20 seconds. I think BE is better because you have to stay on the site for more than 20 seconds for it to count as a credit for you. Besides, when you start a BE 'battle' you're sure that you'll get at least 15 real visits.

  10. Very interesting information Icy, I never knew how it worked.

  11. This is very interesting. I will look at it and explore possibilities. Thanks for the info.

  12. I have not tried it yet, this is very interesting, Icy! I will look it up. I've learned so much from your posts, girl! Thank you for sharing such information.

  13. I have yet to earn any money on my blogs. To tell you the truth I find the whole thing quite confusing, but I'm glad to hear that you've managed to work it out and put it to good use.

  14. I haven't heard of CMF Ads, but it sounds like a great way for blogs to make extra money. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  15. CMF has been working well for me too. I reinvest my earning in ads / spikes. It's sent me over 900 visitors in the last month without me making any effort :-)


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