Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Red Cactus Flowers

Tuesday is for ruby red day, and I am featuring red cactus flowers that I saw at the store last week. They were so different, and of course beautiful.

A great place to see these cactus flowers for me was at Home Depot, and no, I'm not an advocate for them. I'm just desperate to see some living flowers and colors.

The best reason to go to Home Depot for me was no one is around to offer, "Can I help you". I was on my own for as long as I want, even when I needed to buy something to fix my house, unless I flag them down. (This is to say that they have very bad customer service in a way! Really!)

For some reasons, they have the best collection of cactus flowers around here. There are so many different colors, and have a variety of flowers that come in small clay containers. Red of course stands out most to me.

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  1. Gorgeous. Cacti usually have such beautiful flowers don't they?

  2. Those are so bright and just perfect for a red day like Valentine's. Funny, I never considered Home Depot for flowers!

  3. Some cacti flowers can be extremely beautiful. Many people forget that though, prickly, these plants can offer some fine and colourful flowers.

  4. Home Depot seems like a great place to get pictures since they leave you alone. Sweet red cactus flower images!

  5. Wow!! Cute.. I've seen this type before in my mum's garden. But nowadays momma doesn't really love to grow cacti in her garden for unknown reasons, so I rarely see them already. Anyway, thanks for sharing this lovely post! Have a great day..

  6. These are so beautiful and the color is beautiful too.

  7. looking at the soft petals makes me not think it's from a cactus bloom

  8. I like the take on the cacti. Very nice red too. Happy Ruby Tuesday.

  9. The flowers on this cactus are beautiful, I don't think I've seen this one before.

    Home Depot is one of my favorite places for plants and garden supplies.

  10. Those spicy red petals are very exotic in look and feel. Home depot
    pretty much has everything and I actually like the bad customer service because I don't like to be bothered until I'm going to buy something.

  11. Very warm, vibrant and pretty; just what we need on a cold winter day.


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