Monday, February 1, 2010

Wild Raspberry

I found this wild raspberry/strawberry among the grass in the summer. They scattered further in the back part of our yard, and were very hard to see. I found this raspberry buried in the grass, while looking for the tiny little yellow flowers that Judy Sheldon talked about.

Looking at these, I long for summer. There were so many more things to discover, even just from our yard. I dug around the grass to expose this wild raspberry for a photo session. I wonder if this was raspberry or strawberry. What do you think?

In different lighting, this wild raspberry had different color. It was so little that this model had to endure many re-shoot sessions. On top of that, we had to keep Albert the bunny from gulping it up.

We gather all these berries for one last shot, and our pet Albert the bunny had them for snack. He enjoyed them very much. Now, if you would do me a favor, and click on the link to the tiny little yellow flower, and tell me if the flower was from this berry plant.

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  1. It is so nice that your bunny Albert had a nice snack. Eating the berries you found.

  2. We have both in our backyard - the wild kind and the juicier, sweeter, plumper kind. I bought some berries from the store today (I think they were from CA), and my daughter remarked on how much sweeter the ones we grow are! But she has to wait for summer for those.

  3. I can't really tell but don't strawberries usually have more of an oval shape? At any rate, it photgraphs beautifully and, either, way, Albert enjoyed his snack.

  4. Fantastic photos, but unfortunately I can't help identify them. They don't look like the wild strawberries / raspberries we have in the U.K.

    The leaves look similar to the leaves on the little yellow flower though :-)

  5. Beautiful berries and I am so glad Albert had a nice snack. I so love bunnies. They are the cutest little things.

  6. I think that the flower is from the fruit. I would say I'm 75% sure. Have you got a flickr account? Your pictures are amazing. You should have an Internet storage space like Flickr to showcase them all in one place. You could link your blogs from there too.

  7. Hi Icy,

    The flowers are from wild strawberries, an Indian Strawberry. And the leaves in the first photo look almost identical. I would say wild strawberry.

    I'll bet Alberta really enjoyed that snack.


  8. Beautiful berries..they look sweet and decadent! I love the texture and how each teeny tiny bump appears in the photo..super stunning! Love it! Hmm..Why am I craving berries now?Beautiful photos..Happy RT!

  9. It's so pretty, looks delicious too!

  10. Amazing those awesome little fruit were growing wild in the grass. Lucky Albert Bunny!

  11. Oh, they look so yummy and thirst quenching and look to me like raspberries. Fantastic shots, Icy.

  12. It looks good, but I've not seen a raspberry that looked like that. As for strawberries, I think of them as being shaped like a heart. Wild ones are very tiny and very sweet. This doesn't look like a strawberry either.

    Still, if your bunny ate it and survived, it might be interesting to try.

  13. Those raspberries sure look pretty. My neighbor's dog uprooted all my berry plants. Maybe Judy is right. Perhaps they are some sort of berry blossom. Strawberries bloom with white flowers with yellow centers, but there are so many types. . Whose to say?

  14. These are great. I don't have these in my backyard. I only get grapes in mine.


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