Saturday, February 20, 2010

Coat Hanger

The sun shone through my mudroom's window, and gave me this shadow of the coat hanger that we had by the back door. Usually, this coat hanger was full with, well coats, but on that day the children were out and the hook shadows were interesting to see.

This coat hanger was about 9 years old already, but it still remained in good condition. Never before did I think about taking picture of a coat hanger, but since I pay more attention to my surrounding, everything seemed to be more interesting!

Shadow is great to see, and noticing different one is even more exciting. I am going to have lots of fun this coming spring.

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  1. very true, Icy, our love for taking photos has opened to us the many beautiful sights that we can actually enjoy that before we may have simply neglected to see.

  2. Marvelous shadow shot!! Welcome to the fun! It is addictive, but opens your eyes to so many things you never saw before and the more you find, the harder you look! I know that I'm never disappointed. Enjoy what's left of your weekend!!


  3. Now that's a sweet looking coat rack. I love the shadows we find around our everyday objects! It must be warming up for you soon, so that coat rack will be able to have a rest until next winter :)

  4. That hanger has a lovely design with the leaf features either end and what a gorgeous hooked set of shadows it casts! Great shots!

  5. Beautiful shadows and I love your coat rack.

  6. Very interesting... I used to do shadow images on the wall when I was little. It was fun. The shadow in your photo created an unusual art form... unexpected yet creative. thanks for sharing

  7. Who ever would think that a coat hanger would produce such a creative shadow shot. I love this one, Icy.

  8. I like the hook and leaf shaped shadows. Being aware of light and shadow makes everything more interesting. :)

  9. such a simple item but such a great shadow shot...

  10. I never thought shadows could b interesting but when you look at shadow pictures you realise there is a whole other world out there to take photos of.

  11. that is one lovely coat hanger you have, icy! it has a nice feeling to it, a homey feeling! and the shadows added drama in to it!


  12. I know what you mean - since joining this meme I notice shadows all the time.
    Great shadow/great coat rack!

  13. What a great coat rack. I love the leaf design and it looks like just the right size. Icy, that is wonderful idea for Shadow Shot Sunday.

  14. I loved the pics. You take such beautiful pics and I always enjoy checking them out.


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