Sunday, February 28, 2010

Raking Up Night Exposures

These shadows came to me one night when we got home late. I haven't taken any pictures at night before, and none of them turned out decent anyway, but I couldn't stop myself from trying to capture these shadows.

About one hundred shots later, I ended up with these three photos. They are dark, and they are night shots. Tracy, can you see what you're doing to me? I even chased shadows at night! How is that for a nut case?

I remember when I was younger; I played with my own shadows! Now, I'm an old woman playing with whatever shadows I could find. This was the shadow of my rake that was left in the corner of our driveway.

I haven't figured out how to take night pictures yet even though I have night shot mode on my camera. I tried it, but it didn't work out as I had hope.

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  1. I played with my shadows when I was young too.

    I played with the shadows of my hands. It can be a cat, a butterfly or anything.

  2. Oh wow, another creative take, Icy! So cool! I'd like to try those one of these days! :)

  3. What? 100 shots? Can you change the ISO to higher?

    Great angles!

  4. I think you got some terrific shadow shots regardless of the time!! I'm still trying to learn how to use the night shot feature on my camera, too. But so far I haven't been successful, but I'll keep trying! Have a great day!


  5. Isn't it amazing how shadows can make such interesting images? Thanks for sharing once again.

  6. Beautiful patterns of light and dark, my favorite is the last one. I like the post title too. :)

  7. I think your pics look great! I really do enjoy your shadow pics.

  8. Hehe...if you're a nut case then so am I :) I'm not very good at night shots but it's fun just experimenting. Yours turned out just fine I think!

  9. I used to love to play with my shadow too. I think your shots t urned out well. Taking pictures at night is not easy.

  10. Love the shadows created by the rake. The middle one almost looks like a mirror image. For someone who doesn't take night shots you did very well.

  11. Thank you ladies for words of encouragement!

    Ebie--With higher ISO, the pictures turned out very grainy!

  12. Love it Icy, I never even think of shadows during the day so at night they wouldn't even come to me. I don't like the shadows of myself because they are always too fat :D

  13. I know this obsession! I love chasing shadows!
    I like the rake shadows - night shots are difficult.


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