Friday, February 26, 2010

Red Cloud For Luck

Yesterday we had sun but it only lasted for a few hours during the afternoon, but it was enough to give us some colors though.

It started out with these colors in our neighborhood when I had to go fetching my laptop back from the shop. Everything worked fine now, but all my settings, bookmarks, and favorites were gone. It's all right though since there weren't anything seriously wrong with my laptop.

After I retrieved my laptop, I went home and saw these reddish clouds hanging behind the trees. The color was just amazing, and beautiful.

Watching the sky has become a part of my day. I can tell when it's about to snow, or rain, or stormy. Well, my prediction is just as good as the weather man sometimes, and you know how that goes.

See more Sky Watch photos here!

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  1. Oh I love these photos. We had a crappy weather yesterday. It was raining the whole day here in Maine and went home from work to a flooded cellar. I found Hubby working on our drainage system and later he had his hand on our vacuum to suck up the water from the cellar. I wish I had your gift of predicting the weather... but I don't know if it will work here in Maine where the weather changes every 5 minutes. hahahaha have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I like the silhouettes of the bare trees with the two coral colored clouds behind them. Great capture!

  3. Stunning Icy and the red clouds symbolize luck for the new year.

  4. Love your pictures and that you got your lap top back! Icy, that is so funny, but you're right. And to think he studied meteorology!

  5. It is just so amazing how a few minutes or even seconds, the glow could change.

    The top photo is gray but very inviting!

    P.S. Betchai is about 250 miles south of me but we almost have the same travel interest.

  6. Icy - nice photos..and it's an added bonus that you are able to predict the weather - I don't doubt that you are better than the t.v. hotshots!! They seem to have it wrong about half the time!

  7. love your photos Icy, I too love looking at the sky, and sometimes, while cooking, I would hurriedly go outside since I remember it is sunset time and then, I forgot about what I cook that I burn them sometimes :(

  8. Glad to hear nothing is wrong with your laptop, Icy! Oh, I love sky watching too. Sometimes, when we reach our garage and it's sunset time, I tell Doods to circle the neighborhood just one last time, just to get a good look at the color exploding in the sky. :)

  9. Your photos are really amazing, Icy. The sun keeps going in and out here in New Jersey too. The weather is really getting crazy. :)

  10. Glad to hear all is well with your laptop. You know I love the bare tree branches, great shots.


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