Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snowy Day on Dried Flowers

These are the beautiful dried hydrangea flowers in the summer and spring. Can you tell how many inches of snow they had on them? Quite a few inches! These row of hydrangeas grew next to the building, so the heat helped them staying in great shape.

I like dried flowers as much as fresh ones. All through the tough weather, some of the hydrangeas remained like these ones you see in the pictures. They had a light beige colors, mixed with off white, and just very wonderful to see.

These hydrangeas were huge, and I think you can still see how big the flower heads were. I love these flowers for theirs different colors, and blooms.

Can you guess what this flower was? It was my white cone flower! I think this is called the skeleton of the flowers. Some of them stayed like this, but others already felt off.

Here is a different view of the cone flower! I love when the snow came down and covered this whole head. It was amazing to see the total cover-up like this.

On a different note, I'm currently having problem with my laptop, and am working on an old computer so it's much slower than a turtle. I will visit you as soon as I can after my laptop is fixed, cross your fingers, pretty please!

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  1. I love seeing snow! Beautiful pictures, simple yet elegant.

  2. Fresh snow makes everything so pretty. I love the shots of the coneflowers, none of mine looked that good.

    Good luck Icy, hope you get your laptop back soon.

  3. I love hydrangeas sooo mcuh and they dry very well. Hope your laptop is back working soon.

  4. I took some similar pictures of my hydrangeas in the snow. The architectural feature is stunning!

  5. Snow makes everything look different. Your coneflower is quite charming and reminds me of a hedgehog. Good luck with your laptop!

  6. Your pics were really pretty. There is a lot of snow falling down here in New Jersey too. We are supposed to get about 20 inches of snow this weekend.

  7. Amazing snow pictures of your flowers, Icy. They look great in any season. I've missed your posts while I am busy in Georgia, caring for my mother. She has now been discharged from the hospital and my brother took her to an extended care facility near Atlanta. I am here alone clearing out her apartment.

    Just had to take a respite and read a few of my favorite bloggers and catch up a little. Miss you!


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