Monday, February 8, 2010

Something Borrow, Something Blue

I've developed a bad habit lately, and that is Thrift Store hunting for unusual objects, mostly dishes. It is rather disturbing to find gorgeous items for less than a dollar. I know people cleaning out their house, and donate these items to the Salvation Army. I do too; but finding pretty things is a mind blowing joy.

What is this one below, can you guess?

Despite the collection of dust, and stain spots on this item, the design on it is just very beautiful to me. I couldn't part with it though I have neither uses nor a place to display it at home. Can you guess what it is yet?

It is a beautiful little creamer in perfect condition. I hold on to it as I look for other items while thinking what I could make use of it. Gravy, maybe! Then again, when was the last time I make gravy?

So out comes the camera for the snaps. I borrowed it for the pictures after I made sure that no one was looking, and placed it where there was light! This little blue creamer needs to be featured.

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  1. Oh, plop some daisies in it! It'll be perfect. Happy 1st Blue Monday.

    There've been a few problems this morning, and I don't think you're linked. Please come back and link in.

  2. Very pretty pitcher and good choice for Blue Monday...borrowed or not.

  3. That is one beautiful find, Icy. like you i also have the habit of visiting the local thrift shops. you'll never know what treasure you will find in there!!


  4. It is very sweet, Icy...don't tell me there's another meme. I can't keep up, nor should at the computer so much, my other duties are suffering!

  5. Well watch out, unless you're already at that point.. It's like a sickness.. Yes, my name is tina, and I am a dishaholic! My dish collection has grown significantly this past year! LOVE your little pitcher though!.. I'm sure I would have picked that one up too! (0; Happy Blue Monday to you! ~tina

  6. Beautiful, Icy, you don't want to get like me. Come on over and I'll give you some pretties for free. I won't even miss them. I love buying things that are stunning and cheap, but when I get them home it's now what?

  7. A beautiful little pitcher Icy, I would have trouble parting with it also. I like Sally's idea of using it for flowers.

  8. Hi - you can use it for creamer. For less than a dollar, you can admire it's worth it?

  9. I like this pitcher. It is really nice. I would probably put some flowers in it.

  10. hihihi...i also do the same thing...borrow for my snaps =P

  11. I do that as well. I search for ltd. edition plates and music boxes. This pitcher is gorgeous and could be used for so many purposes. Great find.


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