Monday, February 8, 2010

Your Teeth Are Your Life

Dental hygiene is so very important in a person's life, and it is often overlooked. Brushing alone is not a complete care, but flossing and going to see a dentist regularly keep our mouth in a healthy condition.

When the new trend of teeth whitening hit the market many years back, I rushed out to buy a kit for myself. Yes, advertising can have this effect on many people. It can also create an awkward feeling if you're not part of the "sparkly white teeth" group.

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What I didn't know then that after I used those whitening strips, my teeth become very sensitive to hot and cold liquid. After only three days, I stopped using them completely since I couldn't take the sensitivity that my teeth were experienced.

Nowadays, cosmetic dentistry can be another way to go to achieve the look that you desired. Seeing a dentist and talking about your options with a professional before making a rash decision like I did is the best advice I can give.

I have seen advertising about veneers and dental veneers at my dentist's office, but I haven't decided on it yet. I have to spend more time investigating this latest venue, and I am very hesitated at the moment since the extreme uncomfortably feeling with my teeth is still exist.

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  1. Icy, thanks for the good advice. No one wants sensitive teeth.

  2. Great information Icy, there are so many options out there. The little teeth are adorable.

  3. You're so right about dental hygiene. I'm sorry you had to go through issues when you tried the whitening strips. I was always curious about how they worked. I didn't know that it would make your teeth sensitive.

  4. reminds me...i miss my dentist!


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