Saturday, March 6, 2010

Preserve Those Special Moments in Albums

Before digital photos were available, I used to have hard copies of all the pictures that I took of my children stacking up in closet. If I were able to get to them, then they would be neatly displayed in albums. However, when the third child came along, I had less time, and the pictures were kept in shoe boxes.

It is sad to say but there were still many more rolls of pictures that I haven't gotten to sort out. When a friend asked me to help her organized her daughter's Wedding photo album, it reminded me of my photos at home.

We set out a day for me to come over to her house and going through many photos of that special day. We spent the day re-arranging the order of the wedding ceremony at the church, and at the party. We finally put together five Wedding photo albums, and were exhausted. We both agree that this is not something we would like to go through again.

Later on, we found Photo Production website, which you could order service and design since they are specialized in weddings, anniversaries, or any occasion for both the public and professional photographers.

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  1. I love going through my photos and yes, it can be time consuming.

  2. I have been scanning some of my photos and it is so time consuming. Five albums would have been a lot of work.

  3. I agree looking through photo albums can be really time consuming. It can be fun going down memory lane if you are sorting through them with someone though.

  4. It is extremely time consuming and alot of work. I have some photos in albums, some in envelopes and some in boxes. I'm too lazy to do anything with them.

  5. wow, I have collected so many over the years. But now, it's all digital.


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