Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Saving For My Piggy Banks

As I am preparing for this post at my kitchen table, I realize that my barstools for the counter top needed to be replaced since they were so worn out and beaten. This leads my thinking on the income tax refund, and my plan on using that little bit to improve the look of my house.

I saw these piggy banks at TJ Maxx, and had a good chuckle out of them. These piggy banks were in red color so my thought right away ran to Ruby Tuesday theme. They came in green and blue colors also, with different saying on them.

Anyway, we are at the end of March, and tax season is in high swing. So here are some of my questions:
  • Have you filed your income tax return?
  • Are you preparing it yourself, or you take it to a professional?
  • Are you getting a refund back?
  • What are you planning to use your refund on?
  • Are you putting that refund in a piggy bank?
  • Do you have to pay Uncle Sam?
  • Have you arranged for a schedule to pay back?
Well, that's it! I just want to remind everyone about the income tax return for this year. Get on it if you haven't started it yet. If you already did, put some in my piggy banks above.

For those that are preparing their returns, this article Five Mistakes to Avoid Trouble With the IRS, offers some tips to think about.

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  1. Cool! They cracked me up when I see them and remembered that I had same ideas when I started collecting my change and put them in an empty nuts cans. Nice one.

  2. Cute piggy banks. I am sure they come in useful.

  3. My pigy bank is white but I LOVE these red piggy banks :)

  4. They are great! Fortunately, I do not have to worry too much about tax forms. Ours are in Greek, so a friend fills them for me. :)

  5. All of mine go into "what the IRS missed" :D Love these.

  6. i like piggy banks and i have savings here and there too..better be ready for the future

  7. they are fun piggy banks, Icy. oh, we have to pay Uncle Sam, but thankfully, not as much this year compared to last 2 years. we already paid Uncle Sam, thinking we will be on vacation somewhere this spring, but sadly, we both got a cold, and now are coughing and wheezing, there goes my spring break :(

    hope all is well.

  8. You're so good, Icy, already filed! I love your piggy banks. Alas, since my job ended well over a year ago, retirement has left me with no money for piggy banks and other things.

  9. that was cool. i think i should look around for those piggy's. it will be nice to find out how much i saved at the end of a year.

  10. Those little banks are so cute, I would love to find the one that says "what the IRS missed".

    I filed our taxes the first part of Feb, they were done by a professional. We have the refund and most of it is in a savings account for a rainy day.


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