Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shadow Shot--Of Light and Shade

As I waited around to pick up our pizza for the kids, I started to notice all the shadow in this little space. The first set of shadows was from a metal bench right in front of the counter.

I am not very patience with the waiting game, so I walked around to the eating in area, and there they were, shadows of the chairs and tables.

The shadows were not defined, but I like the color of them. The pattern of shadows was very interesting to see.

There were only four seats in this area as you can see. The yellow wall and the checker pattern were very catching in the sun. I saw the shadows, and I also saw some reflections too. It turned out to be a great rewarding wait.

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  1. Great shots, Icy...amazing, isn't it, how simple things can create such interesting photographs!

  2. Great shadow shots Icy, there are so many colors and textures. I really like the one with the checkered tile.

  3. Love the yellow tile and how it just sucks in the sunlight and drenches the room in brilliance!

  4. Interesting geometric shadows. It's always important to have a camera at hand - you never know what's waiting for a picture.

  5. Fantastic shadows shots, great contrast and very retro.

  6. Wonderful colors and shadows here. Hope you enjoyed the pizza!

  7. These are really wonderful shots. See, waiting isn't so bad!

  8. I'm just going to go away and scream now. How come others are seeing these pictures and I'm not.

  9. lovely shadow shots, icy! love the patterns and colors, very warm and cozy feel!


  10. Your pics are just beautiful. I really love them.


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