Monday, March 22, 2010

Sport Betting Modified

Are you a sport fanatic? Do you bet some times while watching a sporting event with friends? I am sure we all did at one time or another, and I usually just do it for fun like, "I bet Michigan State will win over Alabama" or something like that. Often, I bet and root for my home state. It is only natural to do so.

Sports betting can be addictive, such in a case of my old boss, who would come to work, and spend time online to bet on sport, which is football for him. He studies the teams he likes in great details, and watches them intensely. Sometimes, when he talks on the phone with his buddies, I don't understand a thing, and it sounds as if it was in another language.

If you are interesting to know how sport betting work, here is a link to New Player's Guide, and a link to Sports Betting Tips and Tricks. Even if you just want to bet for the fun of it, learning new thing is always good.

A group of my ladies friend have modified sport betting into a fun challenge. The loser is responsible for a get together in her own liking. Whether it is at home or going out, the loser has the say to how, where, what, or when the occasional will take place. It gives the loser the power to call the shot!

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  1. Betting on games certainly does make it seem more fun. Thanks for the links.

  2. I like your friend's idea. It sounds like fun. Some people wager way too much.


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