Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fan Fare

I saw this bush against the brick wall of an electric company, and I had to stop. Whatever the bush was, the shadow was just a beautiful reflection of it. I drove away, but then had to return and take my shots.

It feels awkward to stop and takes pictures of this bush when I'm the only one that sees the beautiful shadow of this bush. Many people walk by, look at me, look at the wall, but then they give me a blank stare as if I was crazy.

I think the texture and the direction of the sun are just gorgeous in this picture. Though I might look like a nut to many passerby, I won't ever stop snapping what I deem beautiful.

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  1. Icy, these are wonderful shots. i love the texture of the bricks against the shadows of those swaying branches...lovely, lovely shots!

  2. Beautiful! These remind me of a desert stream peacefully flowing over pebbles.

  3. Fantastic shot! I'm glad you came back with your camera! I love the texture of these photos!

  4. Awesome... great ones Icy. Keep it up.

  5. very artistic shots, Icy. thanks for showing us the way to see art in many ways such as this.

  6. Those are wonderful shots. I get the blank stares too sometimes :)

  7. These are beautiful and don't you ever stop doing what you're doing. I receive those same blank stares and odd looks from people. It's their loss if they fail to see the simple beauty around them I say! As long as those of us 'in the know' continue to share our findings all is good in the world ;D

  8. Well, those pictures are beautiful Icy!

  9. I love your shadow pics. You capture such beautiful images. Thumbs up!

  10. Very nice, I love all the different textures.

    I get the same kind of stares but if they seem puzzled they obviously don't see the same beauty as I so I don't try to explain. We will never stop taking photos will we Icy?

  11. The mixture of living and inanimate along with the shadows are really beautiful.


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