Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This Year Red Tulip

My red tulips are finally coming after many days of rain, and this one particular tulip is the first one to show, tilted, but thriving.

The lack of sun holds this position for my tulips many days. I thought it would not make it to bloom, but it was more resilient than I give credit to.

The sun comes, and my red tulip straight itself up. Watching flowers coming to bloom is such an exciting thing for us. Even the boys are jumping for joy to see these tulips blooming.

One day of sun and the tulip is in its glorious stage. As of now, we are back to gloomy day, rain, and cold. It is really is April showers this year.

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  1. My garden is slow this year too. The weather is iffy, with lots of rain and clouds. I am still working my INDOOR garden. Come on over and see the photos of my flowers (later today).

  2. We had a real deluge for a couple of days, Icy. I had to pull off the road a couple of times during my two hour drive home from Sacramento.

    Your tulip is beautiful, like spring slowly unfolding!

  3. Gorgeous tulip. I tried to grow them once, with no success. I left you an award which you can pass on or not :)

  4. What beautiful tulips! They are a really pretty color.

  5. the red tulip looks like it's ready to give you a kiss =)

  6. The tulips were slow to bloom but it was worth the wait. I was impatiently watching mine as well. Lovely photos Icy.

  7. Nothing beats a nice close-up huh?

  8. Look at the shades of colors on your tulips. Your details came out so well.


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