Friday, April 9, 2010

White Magnolia

Aah...the weather! What can I tell you about the weather in Michigan? This week we had three rainy days, and three cold days. I mean it's cold, really cold and windy!

This is the white magnolia that grows by my sister's house. I took these pictures last weekend while was at her house for Easter's dinner. The wind was very strong so I only snapped four pictures of these gorgeous flowers.

I am sure by now these white magnolia flowers were all bloom and gone since they don't last that long. With macro, I can see the brow fuzzy part of the flower. SquirrelQueen had some great shots, and you could view it on her blog.

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  1. oh Ice, those budding Magnolias are so pretty. Nice shots. Spring is really here. Have fun taking more pictures of flowers.

  2. What a beautiful picture! Thanks for sharing a nice white magnolia. Isn't spring amazing. Coming over from Better in Bulk. Thanks for sharing your pictures!

  3. Being a Georgia girl by birth I, of course, grew up around huge magnolia trees of several varieties. I just love them and, when I was away at boarding school my first year of high school, our dorm windows opened on huge magnolia trees. We could smell the heavenly scent of those creamy white blossoms.

  4. I love magnolias. We're moving house soon and I would love to have a magnolia tree if we can afford it later on.

  5. I see them all over here and they are just lovely. You took wonderful shots, Icy.

  6. Beautiful! Great macro shots! Still waiting for spring.... did see a bit of green poking it's way up in the flower beds... so maybe it's just around the corner.

  7. They're just beautiful. I have seen some around here too and they really are pretty.

  8. i always smilewhen i see the big magnolia blooms by the pretty

  9. Thanks for the shot Icy, you are so sweet.

    Your shots are beautiful. It is very difficult to do in the wind. I was lucky to get a few before our windy days arrived. All of our magnolia blooms are gone, they are just petals on the ground now.

  10. Icy, I was dodging branches yesterday. The wind was so strong and I was determined to get some pictures. There are more petals under the trees than on them (on some of them)! Lovely pictures, Icy. At least you will have pictures of them after the wind takes them all away. :-)


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