Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Fave Five #4

I like Fridays! Fridays give me a chance to have the weekend without the hassles of morning rushing. We usually have a bit more sleeping in time.

1. Sky Watching

Since started blogging, I have been more aware of the sky around me. I pay attention to the changes in the sky. It is amazing to see different colors, cloud formations, and beautiful sunset/sun rise.

2. Blog Hopping

Blog hopping is fun! I have met many wonderful bloggers and became friends with quite a few. I also learn from other blogs and realize that there are many talented people all over the world.

3. I Stalk Flowers

My neighbor has this beautiful ball of purple flower, and I love them. I have to take pictures of them. The color of these flowers in real life is deeper than the one you see above. I haven't found the right time to photograph them yet, and they are now done until next year.

4. I Heart Warm Weather

Our temperature has been from 80 to 86 degrees these last two days. I love it. My bones and muscles love it. However, I also find out that I'm getting tired very easily. I manage to weed my front garden, and then totally wiped out.

5. Getting Ready For School to End

We have two more weeks to go before school is out for summer. Since the end of school always come with too many activities, I think we are all looking forward to a break. Then again, I better build up my tolerance for "Mom, I am bored! What are we going to do today?"

Have a great weekend!

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  1. that's really great you guys have good weather! california is currently experiencing weird weather. cold and rainy. i am jealous!

  2. I really enjoyed all the lovely photos this morning. The photo of the sunset ( sunrise ) through the trees is stunning!

    I know life will be busier with the children out of school for the summer. Any exciting plans, Icy?

  3. i share most of your happiness, icy, I also stalked a neiighbor's flower once, and I was laughing at myself while I was trying my best to take it a picture, :) sometimes can't help it when neighbors have very interesting and beautiful flowers.

  4. Awesome night sky picture!

    I love blog hopping and flower stalking as well.

    Now as for warm weather, I don't like to sweat, so I'm probably more of a fan of spring.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. A break from school and the routine is always welcome. And then we are ready for them to go back :)

  6. Love those purple flowers!!! Gorgeous! School just ended for us yesterday - how I love summer!!!

  7. Beautiful sky photo -- just lovely. And those purple flowers are so pretty.

    I'm looking forward to the end of summer, too. Have a happy holiday weekend.

  8. There are lots of things I watch and see more closely since I started blogging. It's a good thing...
    We have not had warm weather around here for sure but when it comes it will be appreciated. Have a great weekend...

  9. Thanks ladies for coming over!

    Carmen, I have no plan for the summer just yet. I just know that we will be visiting Belle Isle and Metro Beach more this summer.

  10. Icy, are you working - full time/part time? I wish I were still working. I seem to stay busier than I ever was when I worked and I'm not sleeping much more...but the loss of income is so hard for me.

    I was wondering how you managed time with the kids over the summer.

  11. Hi Icy, You certainly are a wonderful sky-watching, flower-stalking blog-hopper! You have beautiful photos today as always.

  12. Wow... what a beautiful photos i found ever since last night's arrival from a vacation... i am in awe.... thanks for inspiring!!!:)



  13. I am enthralled with the skies too! I love to watch them and watch how they change.

    Those are lovely flowers. I don't think I've ever seen those.

    Please send some of your nice warm weather here. We are barely above freezing right now. What a weird year we've had for weather.

  14. Isn't it amazing how our perspectives change when we begin photographing and writing about our surroundings? That's one reason I love FFF!

    Those purle flowers are gorgeous! So vibrant.

    Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

  15. Yes, we have had some warm weather, but after all the rainy week ends, it's nice. Now I have to water the flowers though. All this work will go for nothing if we let them die. :-)

  16. This is a wonderful list, Icy. I like to look at the sky too. I also love reading blogs. Yours is definitely one of my favs. BTW, the pics you used in this post are nice. :)

  17. i miss the blog hopping and flower summer breaks for mommy for now

  18. Icy, share in your happiness as well except for the warm weather. I like it cooler. That first shot through the trees is breathtaking. Like you I find myself looking up to the sky so much these days that I am forever tripping over everything :D


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