Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Fave Five

I have to think back to find my five favorite things since my week has come and gone by so fast. Do I really have any this week? Or everything was just a blur? Oh yes, I do! I remember now.

1. Mother's Day Celebration

Although it was just another day in my life, I get caught up in the buzzing of this celebration. My daughter took me to Red Lobster for dinner. She drove! She paid! She told me to order whatever I wanted, and not to worry about the price. When did she get so big and independent to come to this point? She grew up, and I grow old!

2. Hanging Out With My Friends

JoJo had three soccer games this past weekend, and we carpooled with my friends. It was fun to see the boys played hard, and had a good time while the adults complaining about the economy. Nothing is serious, just trying to make sense out of this life, and figure out how to make ends meet.

3. Enjoying the Chive's Flower

I grow chives in a container, and use them in my cooking, but what I like most is their beautiful flowers if I don't consume them first. I love the color purple, and the above picture of the chives flower is only at the beginning stage of bloom. It has been cold, rainy, and windy around here so the growing has put temporary on hold.

4. Watching My Son Performs in a Concert

Ok, I'm just a mom, who can't help but feels proud about her son! He did a fantastic job with his instrument even though he didn't want to play this particular piece! Yes, I know he needs a haircut, but it's not going to happen! He is very adamant about growing his hair out, and definitely wants to have the "skater boy" look.

I'm sorry about the poor quality of the picture! I zoomed all the way in to avoid many other obstructions in the way.

5. Writing Prompts

I love to find different writing prompts to experiment. Like Friday's Fave Five for example, it nudges me to look back at my week, and write about what was going on. Photo Story Friday meme help me tells the story of the pictures that I've taken. I love these prompts/memes, and my sincere thanks to the hosts.

These two prompts/memes are no longer exist!

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  1. Wow... you had an interesting and hectic week. I just love the Mother's Day treat from your daughter and your son's concert... you are one lucky mama... you must be so proud. Give yourself a pat on the shoulder for doing a great job raising such wonderful kids.

  2. I remember the first time I got to take my grandparents (who raised me) out for dinner. It was as much an honor for me as it was special for them. Glad you got to celebrate together!

  3. I can't believe that, last week at this time, I was at my son's wedding. Gosh, time passes so quickly. You've really had a busy week, Icy. Nice Mother's Day for you! Isn't it nice that your daughter took you out but don't they grow up too fast?

  4. Icy, you had a busy but wonderful week. How proud you must be of your children. They all in their own way made it special for you.

  5. wow, i love how your daughter gave you a treat Icy, and love that picture of the chive, haven't seen it bloomed, but then again, i do not have one in my garden, maybe i should.

  6. Oh, sweet... i know, you had a wonderful time with your family.... you have children to be proud of and a family worth spendin' for.... best wishes!!!:)

    Good day!!!:)



  7. Glad you had a special Mother's Day-- Red Lobster is so delicious and consistent.

    I love your chive photo-- my chive flowers don't have the correct depth of purple in my photos. I need to get a big girl camera.

  8. I like those fav five of yours. chives gives that purple flower? how pretty!

  9. I enjoyed reading your fav five. I agree that you did sound like you had quite a busy week.

  10. It does sound like you had a busy but very wonderful week Icy. I hope the weather in your area has improved.

  11. Your fave five list is fantastic and you deserve everyone of those pleasures!


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