Sunday, May 2, 2010

Little Boy Under the Shadow

I took my nephew to the nursery part of Meijer to look for this year flowers, but he was more fascinated with all metal birds that they had around the perimeter of the area. He kept asking to take their pictures for "your blog!"

Some of the birds were not in the right place or lighting, so the pictures didn't come out too good. The birds were either blending in the dark part, or just didn't pop out as I like. While uploading these pictures, I noticed the shadow of the ceiling above us.

And here he is, my super model who couldn't part away from the metal birds. He likes those birds so much that he offered to move them wherever I wanted as long as I took their pictures. I assured him that Meijer wouldn't like that very much.

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  1. What beautiful sculptures and shadows! All part of what sounds like a fun day - full of blessings.

    Happy SSS!

  2. How nice that your nephew is interested in helping with pictures for your blog. He's a great model and those bird sculptures and line shadows are fun.

  3. I like those sculptures too and what great shadow shots.

  4. great to find the shadows whilst attending to the sculptures..

  5. I agree with Diane. I think that is great that he was so interested in helping you get these pics. He has a great eye for beautiful things.

  6. He's a cutie!

    Great shadow shot!

  7. My little boy is the same as your nephew-- constantly asking me to take photos of cars, animals, ect.
    I love garden ornaments-- and the cool shadows-- I haven't heard of Shadow Shot Sunday before.

  8. What a great little helper. Awesome shadow shots of the ceilings. Those metal birds are very nice too.

  9. Lots of Shadows this week! Love all the patterns!

  10. those sculptures are so nice looking, very crafty!

  11. Icy, it is so heart warming to know how much he wants to help. Your pics are amazing and your helper precious!


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