Friday, May 7, 2010

My Fave Five

1. Playing with Photoshop

If I am stressed and can't hear myself think, then I start to play with my pictures, especially if the picture is blurry, but has some special features about it. Working to turn an unpleasant thing into a pretty piece of art eases my mind, and problem at hands.

2. Macro Setting

The macro setting on my camera is one of my all time favorite things in the world. It allows me to see things in great details and helps me appreciate the beauty that I would miss otherwise with my human eyes.

3. Dogwood Flowers

This year I found some dogwood trees in the nearby neighborhood, and just love this deep pink color flowers. At times, it feels like I'm stalking the owner of this beautiful dogwood tree. I park in front of their house at different times to just get a perfect shot.

4. Being Near the Water

Water has a very healthy affects on me. It calms my nerves, and it relaxes me! I could sit by any type of water body all day, and feel just fine about it.

5. Writing

Writing has to be on my list of favorite. I found this meme/theme Friday's Fave Five, and was very happy. It gives me a chance to think about the week past, and see what I did or like. It also give me a chance to write. Any reason to write is good!

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  1. Welcome to FFF!

    Your pictures are lovely. I just love dogwoods, and we dont have them in S. Florida, so I enjoyed yours (or your neighbors') vicariously!

    Happy weekend.

  2. Your pictures are beautiful! I love using macro on my camera too!

    The dogwood is so beautiful. I don't think we have those around where I live.

    Thanks for joining in with us! It was fun reading your answers!

  3. Some of my favorite things too. Just #4 actually. Water is my SO's sign :-)

  4. I love taking pictures and playing with Photoshop also. Your Dogwood macro is breathtaking! I could stare it all day. :)

  5. Welcome to the FFF Party!

    I enjoyed your photos, very much.

    I also love to play with editing my photos....and you are right - it is relaxing.

  6. I love what you did with photo-editing on your first picture. Just like you, the process eases my mind too because I tend to get carried away when I am doing one. Time flies by quickly.

  7. Love your list. I would have to agree with all five.

    Take care & god bless.

  8. Welcome to FFF! I love this meme too because it forces me to focus daily on what's important, beautiful and positive. Love the photos! Messing around with photography is something I enjoy. Did you know that in some Asian countries it is considered a health benefit to walk close enought to the ocean surf to feel the mist and inhale the salty air? I did that today and it was so refreshing!

  9. Oh, Icy, I never knew the pleasures of macro until now and I am in love. It seems that's all I do now is look for the tiniest of flowers, weeds or otherwise to shoot. I love your photoshopped creations, they always inspire me. I'm the same way, when stressed, the camera comes out, though it's always with me now anyway :)

  10. Thanks for sharing you 5 favs. Pretty pictures.

  11. I love the pics. I also want to thank you for sharing your list. I love to write too. It helps take my mind off of things.

  12. we practically do the same thing but i do those i just hug and kiss my boy and it all fades away

  13. Photography and being near the water are two of my favorites too, combine them and I am in heaven.


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