Sunday, May 23, 2010

Shadow of a Flowering Tree

This is a flowering tree in front of my library. I have seen this tree for many years, but somehow always managed to miss their flowers. This year, I finally took some photos on my way in to the library.

The flowers were white, and looked very much like pear blossoms, but they were not. This tree actually has red berries by the time winter rolls around though.

I didn't notice the shadow of this umbrella tree until the pictures were on the computer.

This is a close up picture of this beautiful white flower. The branches spread all around, and droop down to form an umbrella-like shape. Each branch was full of flowers.

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  1. What a perfect name for the cute tree. When I looked at the first photo I immediately thought it looked like an umbrella. Before realising that's what they're actually called! Sweet flowers it has :)

    Have a wonderful week!

    PS - I've had some odd word verification letters tonight! Your blog is asking me to type in 'sperm' haha! (Yes, I'm far too easily amused...)

  2. Lovely shadow shot! Isn't it fun to discover shadows you didn't realize you'd captured?

  3. Very pretty flwering tree. I like the umbrella shape!

  4. The lovely shadows within the individual flowers are as special as that of the tree.

  5. Oh Tracy...that's funny! Blogger is going X-rated, haha!

    Thank you all for visiting.

  6. I saw one of these trees too on my way to work at the Town Hall. I was captivated when I saw it.

  7. Icy, Love the tree and a great shadow shot. It almost looks like a flowering umbrella. The macro flower is gorgeous with each little detail.

  8. Thank you for sharing your 'library' tree with us. Those blooms are gorgeous!

  9. I love your tree and the close up of the blossoms is stunning. So, Icy, is your blog changing it's rating? I can't wait to see what my string says.


  10. What a pretty 'umbrella' tree. I wonder if it grows that way naturally or if it is pruned into the shape. Either way it is beautiful and makes a great shadow.

  11. Wouldn't it be wonderful to sit under this umbrella on a rainy day.
    Beautiful shot!

  12. I love white flowering trees like these Icy, I guess it's because there are not too much green, the flowers are overpowering.

  13. Too pretty for words...looks like a wedding umbrella ( I'm still in that wedding mode! ). Is there a fragrance to the blossoms?

  14. So pretty, thanks for sharing those gorgeous blooms.

  15. RNSANE--Very light fragrance.

    Thanks everybody for stopping by!

  16. I have never seen trees like this, but the flowers are beautiful.


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