Monday, May 31, 2010

Spooky Blue Orchid

It looks like a bug with two eyes watching me, so I have to say it's spooky! But really, it is just an exotic orchid at Belle Isle Conservatory. It is amazing to see and spotting new kind of orchid there every year.

I come a little closer, and the flower still looks like a bug! Strange and unusual, but the colors are just perfect. The flower has that zebra-look also, with stripes run through the petals.

The long weekend has come to an end, and outside my house, our local schools are participating in their annual Memorial Day parade. I'm going to watch the marching band even though my children are not with me.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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  1. Oooh... i think that's an interesting flower... and yeah, it looks like a bug at first glance... liked it!!!:)

    Good day!!!!:D


  2. That is such an interesting orchid, Icy. I've never seen one like it. We used to have a fabulous orchid nursery here in South San Franciso - McClellan Nurseries, I think the name was. It was huge, on several acres of land. I guess the owners couldn't resist the offers of builders. The entire area is now filled with single family homes. They used to have so many different varieties of orchids for sale.

  3. Yes, it really looks like a bug!
    Great shot of this strange and unusual flower.

  4. Looks like great colors for Memorial Day. Enjoy the marching band and parade. :)

  5. What a beauty! Happy Blue Monday.

  6. I am glad you shared this orchid today. I have never seen one like it. That is most interesting.

  7. Icy, you have such a wonderful imagination. That coupled with your photography skills make an unbeatable combo! You go girl!

  8. That's one odd looking orchid. It reminded me of a wacky bird.

  9. woah, at certain angle it's like a cobra =P heheh pardon my imagination

  10. Icy, you're right it does resemble a bug looking at you. I have seen these however though they are rare. My father grew orchids in our greenhouse while alive and he grew some similar to these. The coloring on the petals are very pretty. Great macro shots, Icy.

  11. It does look spooky. At first glance I thought it was watching me. hahaha. What a lovely flower though.

  12. It does look a little like a bug at first glance. I love the colors in this orchid.

  13. These flowers are strange looking, but nice. I did think of a bug when I saw them.

  14. How did I miss this post? So beautiful and unique. Unbelievable macro my dear.

  15. This is certainly a very interesting plant, but it's not an orchid. This is a member of the Iris family. And the specific name is Neomarica gracilis, or Apostle`s Iris. Remarkable plant indeed!

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