Monday, May 3, 2010

White and Blue Violets

My friend gave me a bunch of chive to grow, and among the chive there were these beautiful white violets, with a touch of blue in the middle. I have purple violets all over the yard, but I have not seen violets in these colors before.

I extracted the violets from the chive's root hoping to grow these violets along the fencing of my yard, and so far they are wilting. I am not sure if the root will catch or grow. I like them, because they are different.

Have you seen these colors of violet before? I was very happy to spot this flower, and hopefully it will grow here in my yard. If not, I'm going to ask for some from my friend's yard.

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  1. Oh I so need to plant some of those. I have Chive, but no Violets.

  2. I haven't seen this colour before. I know I would've tried to grow it, if I had. It's so precious. I wonder if the colour will reproduce, or it has to have a particular type of soil to show up this vivid blue.

  3. Icy, I have seen these before and the coloring is so unique. You've captured a beauty there, indeed. Just gorgeous.

  4. I've never tried to grow violets. I suspect it's too dry here for them. Maybe you've discovered a rare one.

  5. I have no spice plants, but this one of yours is very pretty.

  6. this flower isn't common here so i don't really know much about it until after seeing this post

  7. i've never seen violets in all my life. thanks for sharing/showing us these photos :)

  8. Great photos of violets!
    Have not seen these colors before...

  9. they look so delicate, virginal even!

  10. I have never seen violets in that colour. They are so pretty, almost ethereal.

  11. Delightful that these beautiful white violets came to you along with the chive plants. :D

  12. They are very pretty and different. So gentle looking.

  13. I snapped some at my daughter's home. She has the purple, lilac, and whites. I just have purple. They are resilient too as her children run all over them. :-)

    You did an amazing job of capturing them as they are so small. I was lying on the grass to take their pic. :-)

  14. The flowers are really pretty. I really love the color of them too.


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