Monday, June 21, 2010

Baby Blue Delphiniums

Once the delphiniums grow bigger, the blue and purple color mixed lessens to this beautiful baby blue! Delphinium is an elegant perennial, and can grow up to 2 feet tall for the dwarf varieties. It loves cool and moist climate, great as cut flowers, and blooms from late spring to early summer.

As I have mentioned before, delphiniums come in light blue, deep blue, pink, white, purple, yellow and red. I haven't seen the red and yellow ones around yet. Planting should be placed in full sun to light shade, well drained soil, and have protection from strong wind.

Delphiniums need a thin layer of compost each spring, and two layers of mulch to retain moisture. The soil can't be dried out. Divide the plants in clumps every three to four years as new plants begin in early spring.

Have a great Monday..

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  1. These grow very well here in England. As you can imagine, lack of sunshine and lots of rain is just what they like!
    Hope you're well.

  2. cute ad cute..
    what adorable post.

  3. Delphiniums are lovely; I wish I could grow them.

    Happy Blue Monday, BC.

  4. What a beautiful and interesting flower! Wonderful photos!

  5. I guess we do not have these in Texas. I have never seen them. I wish we did as it is truly breathtaking and such a pretty shade of blue.l

  6. Delphiniums are one of my favorite flowers. I always ask for them in arrangements from the florist. They don't hold up well for very long, but they are beautiful when they arrive. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Blue Monday!


    Sheila :-)

  7. love the softness of the blue Icy, very beautiful.

  8. That is a lovely shade of blue, I think they just get more and more beautiful as they grow. Great shots Icy.

  9. Thanks for the tips. They are indeed beautiful. The petals look like a soft fabric.

  10. ..o, agingly handsome, i could say!!!:) and a great sighting i have in here!!!:)

    Great day!!!:)


  11. What a beautiful flower, Icy. I don't think I've actually seen them. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for them, just so I'll get to know them on a personal basis!

  12. What a gorgeous flower and so sweet, light and just lovely. Their color so pure and pastel. Love the shots, Icy. Very well done.

  13. The flowers are so exquisite. Love the blue and curly petalsnoni!

  14. Lovely photos and the flower color beautiful.

  15. this is like a draping lace or resembles some kind of skirt...oh dear i guess i miss my grandma =P


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