Thursday, June 24, 2010

Friday Fave Five #8

Watching the Freight Carrier

My family and I went to Belle Isle with a bucket of Popeye Fried Chicken for a picnic. We sat by the water and watch this freight sailing smoothly by. Looking at this picture above you would not know that the wind was very strong that day. We had a hard time keeping everything from fly away.

Looking Up, Way Up

The trip would not be complete if we didn't visit the Conservatory. I walked, looked up, way up, and this was what I see! This palm tree touches the glass roof of the Conservatory. Oh yes, I got bitten by mosquitoes just standing there and took this picture.

The Fan Leaf

Can you see how big this fan leaf looked? It was just beautiful when the sun was at the back, or maybe front, of this leaf.

It is amazing to see so many wonderful things through the eye of the camera lens.

Still Trying to Capture Perfect Water Drops

Call me crazy, but I went outside right away after the rain. My mission is to capture a perfect water drop with a reflection in it. I'm not there yet, but these two water drops show the wall background in them, and a bit of the flower on the bottom.


I bought a hydrangea plant last year, and planted in my front garden. I like the structure of the hydrangea flower, and was hoping to bring this plant back to life, since it was wilted at the end of the season. I tend to it, fertilize it with used coffee ground throughout the year, and it came back. Only two branches have leaves on them, and it started to have this little pinkish color. I love it!

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  1. oh, your water drops getting better and better, wonder how your perfect would like since it is so wonderfully perfect for me.

  2. I love the palm fan, it is gorgeous with the sun falling on the green.

    Good job on the water drops, it is hard to get a reflection but you are getting close. I am working on it also. My hydrangea hasn't started to bloom yet but hopefully next month.

  3. the water sparkling!

    happy weekend!!

  4. Icy, that palm tree and fan leaf are so cool. What great shots. And, that freighter looks so close that must have been an exciting experience. As for your water droplets, you've captured the perfect ones in each of your shots.

  5. I can see the weeds leaning in the top photo, but might not have noticed them if you hadn't mentioned the wind.

    I lived in Minneapolis for two winters, and visiting the conservatory was a must. I needed the reminder that there was a world outside of the wintry one I was in.

  6. ...o, very pleasing images... i wonder how you do that... to make people inspired by those captured... i don't believe it's the camera alone... i know, it's more of you we seen in those photos!!!:D

    Have a blessed Sunday!!!:D


  7. Icy, your persistence pays off! I love your shadows and am glad you decided to play!

  8. These are really great shots. It is hard to imagine that it was windy in the first shot.


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