Friday, June 4, 2010

My Friday Fave Five # 5

This week has come to an end quite quickly since we all had Monday off to celebrate Memorial Day. I manage to take some pictures of the parade, right outside of my home.

1--Watching the Parade

It was a sunny day to watch the parade, in fact, it was too hot in direct sun, and I felt bad for the band kids who were dressed in full uniforms. Parents were very caring and supplied their students with water throughout the whole process.

2--I Love Mangoes

What is summer without the plentiful of different fruits? I love mango, and it is one of my favorite fruits. You can eat it straight up or mix it in your green salad, or make fruit salad with them.

3--Watching Buds Open Up Into Flowers

If you have followed me for a while, you know that I will take pictures of anything, and everything. I always like to start out with the buds of flowers. It is an interesting process for me to document, and it is very rewarding to see the beautiful blossoms.

4--Thrift Store Find

I don't know what's wrong with me, but when I'm bothered, I like to shop, and since money is tight, I go to Thrift Store. I found this piece of wall decor for three dollars in its original copper color, and knew exactly where I would put it at my house.

I hung it by my front door, where the mailbox was, and next to our porch glider. I want to put the candles on those three candle holders, and have an ambient time sitting there during the summer month.

5--Going to the Park

Going to the park is part of the summer activities! It is good to watch the children play and having a fun time running around. For us Michigan dwellers, the park is one of the highlights of summer time.

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  1. Nice thrift store find. I like your idea of putting candles on it for enjoying summer evenings on the porch.

  2. Oh I LOVE mangoes do my kids, I just got a great deal on some the other day....3 for $1!!! YUM! I am a yard sale girl, but also love those Thrift stores, that was quite a find you got. :) Love the buds to flowers pictures. :)

  3. Yes, I like the thrift stores, but now, it's garage sales. Much cheaper...hahaha

  4. i love mangoes too Icy, we have two boxes of Manila mangoes (the yellow kind) a total of 32 mangoes :) we bought them for $6.99 a box, on sale, and since we eat a lot of fruits, we took two boxes knowing we can finish it no time! I make mango shake too :) one good thing about getting close to summer so many fruits are on sale :)

  5. That's a great thrift shop find. I think you lucked out. I certainly understand about the "emotion shopping." I only wish I could limit myself to thrift shops when I feel the urge. Ah well! Have a great week.

  6. I love your photo collage of the flower.

    What a cool thrift store find! I like your idea of enjoying candles in it on summer evenings ...

  7. I love mangos too and eat them whenever I get a chance. I also like papaya, but find that few others share that love of mine.

    Sounds like a good week.

  8. A beautiful find at the thrift store! What a deal.

    I keep forgetting to put fresh fruit into my salads...thanks for the reminder - I even have a mango in the fridge!

  9. love your friday fave five!
    ahhh, how i miss blogging!!!

  10. I agree, garage sales come in cheaper than 'thrift' finds -teehee... Love the flower mosaic, Icy! :)

  11. I love bargains too, and pictures are bargains. We can look at them forever and not pay to develop them. I love your favorite five. Have a wonderful week end!

  12. Those mangoes look scrumptious, Icy. Like you, I adore watching buds open. It seems like you have a wonderful week and one that I would enjoy as well. Have a great weekend.

  13. Oh, you have a different form of mangoes there... anyhow, it taste as good as the one you had there... i know...!:)

    good day!:)


  14. The mangoes look delicious, I love them but haven't bought them in awhile. They are going on my grocery list now.

    You got a great deal with your thrift store find. I can just imagine it with candlelight reflecting on the copper.

  15. LOVE your thrift store find! And the pictures of opening buds was just lovely.

    I'm checking into FFF late this weekend (busy time), but wanted to stop by anyway.

    Happy week ahead!

  16. What a great find for only 3 dollars! Now that is my kind of shopping!

    Your pictures are lovely. It's interesting watching all the stages of a flower opening.

  17. These are all very fun things to do. I like strolling in the park. It is always so relaxing.


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