Monday, August 23, 2010

Red Azalea Flowers

I love Azalea, and of course the blooming period had come and gone. These pictures were taken a while ago, but they got lost in my archive.

I saw these flowers in purple, and white, but these red ones got the best of me. They were such a nice shade of red, and I found these shrubs growing along the outside wall at a dentist's office. They were used as border around this building.

I took these pictures on a Sunday afternoon after pulling off the road, so I didn't want to hang out too long in an empty parking lot. I was fearful that someone might call the police on me stooping, and snooping for photos.

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  1. Glad you found these shots to share today. Beautiful! :)

  2. Good morning, Icy! The sunlight looks so pretty on the azaleas and I love the shadow on the last one. :)

  3. We love azaleas too, glad you didn't get in trouble for snooping. It's amazing the things we do for a photo opp.

  4. These are a beautiful red. Thanks for sharing them. Jean

  5. I loved the flowers. I love that shade of red. Great job!

    CA Johnson

  6. Icy, I know. Sometimes I will see people looking at me strangely as I take pictures. I just ask them if they don't think it's beautiful. Sometimes they will talk, sometimes not.

  7. Exquisite shots, Icy. Those petals look like paper, so thin and light. Love the bulb shot with great composition.

  8. Ha, ha....I know what you mean about the empty parking lots and snooping for photos. I am surprised more of us don't get the police called on us. Great macros of the azaleas Icy, the color is beautiful.

  9. i haven't seen one here in red color but if it's the same kind flower then that purple one I saw earlier was really pretty

  10. I can just imagine you posting on your blog from jail!! Not a good idea. Sometimes Jo and I wonder, as we get close to people's yards, whether we're going to get arrested for trespassing. We try to stay on the sidewalk!!


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