Sunday, August 8, 2010

Children Section in Library

This is the children section at our local library, and every summer we sign up for the reading program, art projects, or science shows.

The wall you see in the middle of the room, displaying the bookmarks contest that the library ran every year!

They have computers for little kids to play games, or get online for older children in this section, plus rows and rows of books of course!

Way in the back by the window, the library also have toys, building blocks, and puzzles for the smaller children to play while parents look for reading materials. We love our library!

Good week to everyone!

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  1. Hello Icy! I love to hang out in libraries too (teehee) I enjoy the creative decorations and I love to browse the magazines and DVDs. Sadly, I've been too busy lately and have not been to the local library for a long while now. :) Have a good week ahead! :)

  2. Libraries are now really kids friendly unlike during my younger years. No wonder I wasn't to happy going to the library. But now, kids look forward to their visit to the library because it's fun there due to those educational toys that they can play with.

  3. While working in head start we would have guest visitors who also were story tellers at the library. They did a fantastic job and would have the children totally enthralled. I am so glad you spend time with your children at the library. More parents should.

  4. Libraries have changed so much since when we were children. It is really nice to see how kid friendly they have become.

  5. I love to read. I'm glad that you're teaching your children the love of reading.

    Happy Blue Monday.

  6. Just the right touch of blues in a great place. I love the libraries.

  7. I hang out in the library too :) something we have in common, but then, you gave me some idea to take pictures there as well :)

  8. It looks like a totally fabulous place to spend time browsing through books.

  9. I love the library too. the ones around me are just so great. they all have been renovated and filled with state of the art furniture and computers...that is where our tax dollars go!

  10. The kiddie section is fun to visit because of the cute books they have and the arrangement of the area


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