Sunday, August 29, 2010

Game Time

We had four hours between games in our last weekend soccer tournament, so to stay dry, we went to Best Buy after lunch and the boys headed toward the game systems area. Each one found something to do while the moms were chatting away.

I took a few snapshots and saw many blue color shirts, which were perfect for Blue Monday! My son dressed like Darth Vader with his hood on all the time! Though it was only the third week of August, the weather was very chilly!

Do you see that littlest boy? He even had blue shoes and blue shirt! We lost all three games but the team gave their best, and learning to play together since they are a new team!

Have a great new week!

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  1. Very vivid shades of blue. Nice.

  2. Good thinking.

    Happy Blue Monday! Check out my book giveaway.

  3. What great the blue shoes!

  4. Looks like they're having a fun time!

  5. Hopefully you will win next time.

  6. oh wow, the blue weather had probably turned everyone to wear blue that made it a very beautiful blue day after all.

  7. what a coincidence huh. i wonder how you were able to get your son out of the store? wink*

  8. I love the looks of intense concentration!

  9. I like going to Best Buy too. Wasn't that a nice surprise to get some cool days like that in August? The heat has returned here in New Jersey though. :(

  10. Nice captures of the blues. It's always fun to go to the electronic stores.

  11. it appeared to be as a fun day out

  12. You are such a good mommy, cheering on your team and your son! Children's sport can be such fun and they do learn valuable lessons as long as parents don't make a huge thing of winning all the time or berate kids for losing.


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