Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Our Weekend Routine

Contribution by Stevie Kirby

My two children, love to play sports. As a parent it makes me very happy because I don't feel like I'm forcing it on them. By the time they were about three years of age, they started showing interest in different sports. My daughter who is now ten, loves to play soccer in the fall and my son, now fifteen is on the football team. The best thing about my children playing sports is that they get a chance to support one another. Because their schedules never conflict with one another, they are able to cheer one another on at every game. The games and practices are usually held on the weekend, we have a whole routine that we are accustomed to. We wake up really early and have our showers and then breakfast. They decide what they want for breakfast the night before, which makes things much easier. We then start gathering all items needed for the day, as far as game equipment and lunches that were packed for the day. The kids start packing the car up, while I makes sure we were not leaving anything important. I have a checklist that I use to keep me organized. Once I check off the list, I set my security alarms systems in Texas prior to leaving and our day begins. The kids always remember to ask me if I set the alarm, they are a fan of the check list.

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  1. Nice guest post. I like the closeness and organization of the family.

  2. A well organized family routine sets the tone for a happy and fun weekend.

  3. This is a great guest post. That is nice to get your kids involved with sports. It helps them know what it's like to be on a team. It is also important to have security system. You can never be too safe.

    CA Johnson

  4. keeping our home safe is a must

  5. It is so important for kids to be involved in activities. Great guest post.

  6. A check list is pretty important when you're racing off to different places. I know you stay busy with the kids, photographing and your various activities.


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