Thursday, August 26, 2010

Purple Thistle By the Water

While we were at Metro Park, I saw so many different wild flowers by the water edge. This was the purple thistle that grew abundantly everywhere. They were huge, and very beautiful.

The wind was a bit stronger by the water, and I had to give up after three shots. I knew my battery wouldn't last if I didn't move on to other areas to take pictures.

It was not hard to find beautiful things to see in our world. Who would have thought that weed flower could be this gorgeous? Wild flowers are one of my favorite things also. I saw yellow thistles, but the wind blurred all of my pictures. Have to go back one of these days soon!

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  1. beautiful shot Icy, I love wildflowers too.

  2. we may call them weeds but you can not dismiss their glorious color.

  3. Hello Icy, I also saw Purple Thistle here in CO and was awed by its beauty. The wind always seems to want to play when i'm photographing flowers. You got some lovely captures anyway.

  4. wildflowers are pretty, unique and eye catching icy

  5. Beautiful purple flowers - weed or not.

    That wind can wreak havoc with out photography! I had such a time trying to get shots of those giant Matilija poppies.

  6. Such a shame that the wind was being uncooperative. Great shots! :)

  7. I never see enough thistle. They are beautiful and like you, weeds can be just as gorgeous.

  8. I love the lavender thistle, or is it purple? I just know that I love it. It stands out against all the green. Great pics!

  9. oh i love the color of this flower.

  10. What a beautiful flower! I have never seen a flower like this one before.

    CA Johnson

  11. I love thistle, it has the most beautiful flowers. Isn't it amazing how the wind seems to suddenly come up as soon as we pull out our cameras?


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