Friday, September 10, 2010

Fuzzy Silky Thistles

Wild thistles can grow very big, especially when they are near the water, and rocks. I found these huge old thistles by the water edge where the boys went exploring. They were very beautiful and shiny under the sun.

I love this stage of thistle as much as the dandelion ones. I like to see the fuzzy things flying away in the wind to complete its circle of life. Even though it is a bit colder now, it is the best temperature to go on photo hunt. No sweat or burn to worry!

I couldn't get close to these flowers since they were by the rocky edge of the water. I zoomed all the way in to get these pictures. Their shiny fuzz got my attention!

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  1. Love these!! their shiny tresses..dazzle me..beautiful!

  2. the sign of times? summer is indeed over? fall is coming!

    Great capture.

  3. Hi Icy, The blooms are all going to seed - I almost like this stage as much as the actual flowering. You've captured the Thistle quite well. It actually looks a bit like my own hair!

  4. Besides being so beautiful, thistles are a magnet for small birds that eat their seeds. I love their purple flowers and their regal stature. Isn't the Thistle the national flower of Scotland?

  5. Have you stroked them? They feel like silk. I love your captures!

  6. Wow, they are so thick and cool looking. Love these, Icy.

  7. It looks like you could make material or yarn out of them. They are amazing.

  8. So beautiful. I love coming here to see your photographs.

  9. in every stage of the flower, you have captured their best Icy.

  10. I bet that they are prettier up close like this aren't they?

  11. I love thistles, especially when they dance in the wind.

  12. Sometimes people don't appreciate the beauty of thistles. I suppose it's because of their spikiness.
    Thistles' flowers are very beautiful. Your shots prove that they can be pretty even after they've died.

  13. Lovely photos of the thistle. I have mixed feelings about them. The flowers are lovely as are the seeds. The plants themselves are a total pain, quite literally sometimes.

  14. I liked your pics. What unusual looking flowers!

  15. I really like the way the sun makes them glisten. Beautiful photos Icy.


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