Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Saying Good-Bye

When you see this white silk, you know that summer is about to be over! Around here, all the yellow thistle flowers have turned into this stage of seeding.

It is ready to fly and plant itself in the earth for next year! This white head looks a lot like dandelion at this stage. We have no sun for the last four days, and already I'm going stir crazy!

The yellow thistle flower is saying good-bye to summer! I can't wait for the rain to stop and go outside to see how everything has changed! What is the weather like where you live?

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  1. Beautiful photos..just dazzling..!
    Kinda rainy and colorful autumn here..

  2. Nice posted for starting the new seasons : )

  3. I can tell so many have posts about summer ending. Believe it or not, San Jose just experienced two of the ten most hot days of summer. I am so happy.

  4. I really, really, really, really like your post this week.
    Joyce M

  5. Great pictures!


  6. Such lovely photo's. We are having a gray, cool day. It reads 68 on the thermometer outside when just the other day it was 86. Have a great day.

  7. Rain and sunshine but it is still quite warm. The evenings are getting much cooler though.

  8. So beautiful! It is good to meet you I am calling by from Italy on my first Wordless Wednesday blog hopping around the other entrants and enjoying exploring all these wonderful blogs.

  9. Your pics were really beautiful. It has been raining on and off all day here in New Jersey. We are supposed to get a big storm in the Tri-State area (NY, NJ, and CT), but it seems to have passed us by.

  10. Yes... i take that as a sign too. i feel bad a bit but knowing that the trees will be taking the center stage is a welcome treat.

  11. Fantastic shots, Icy. I can tell even in the gardens that Summer is ending. Our weather here has been strange. It was in the 90's last week and is now in the low 60's with gray skies and fog. It's always changing here.

  12. SUmmer indeed has ended but it felt like hotter than ever.

    I still see some lavenders around but just like the yellow flower you had, nothing much sunny flower on the ground.

  13. I like the fluffy white of these photos, but they are a signal of summer's end. It is still in the seventies here and mostly sunny. Our trees are just beginning to show color. In fact I am still mowing my lawn.

  14. Michigan has a long standing joke "If you don't like the weather, go to lunch and come back and it will have changed!" My Rose of Sharon sprouted new blossoms last week. I got new pics of lilies near the job and hostas blooming, but one day it was so cold and windy. The lattice on my deck was torn off by high winds and one of my chairs blew away.


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