Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Still Thriving

Along the Detroit River, these thistles are still thriving to grow! The silky thistle flowers post were found at Saint Clair Shore Lake, Metro Park. On this side of the river, the sun is always full when it is out.

I like the little spot of purple color on these thistles. The weather is a bit colder in the morning and evening now, but as long as the sun comes out, these thistles will thrive!

These thistles are big comparing to the ones I have in my backyard. Spending some time by the water is always a welcome relaxation for me.

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  1. Beautiful as always...gorgeous textures! I love spending time near water too..so blissful! thanks for another meditative nature post!

  2. We have thistles that are noxious weeks and impossible to get rid of. You're are beautiful :)

  3. I like that second shot, Icy, where the leaf seems to be cupping the thistle. Water is always good for the soul.

  4. Nice photos...we don't have thistles in my neck of the woods...are they thorny or soft?

  5. Taken from very good angles, Icy. Thistles are fast becoming one of my favourite plants.

  6. Yes, the water relaxes me too. Pretty thistles.

  7. I love your flowers and the water seems to replenish the soul. Awww...:-)

  8. I love to spend time by the water, I always find it relaxing. Thistle is so fascinating, from each angle it is a little different. The first shot is my fav.

  9. nature is all around you...so many beautiful sights to see and explore

  10. They're pretty, Icy. Very detailed shots. They wouldn't grow very well here because of the weather. They look very hardy though.

  11. those are interesting looking flowers. They look rugged but still have color.

  12. I really like these flowers. I have never seen flowers like them before. :)


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