Thursday, September 2, 2010

Two Colors Sunflower

What color comes to your mind when you think of sunflowers? Yellow is most common and popular color for sunflowers, but these last few years, I have seen so many different mixed of colors in sunflowers.

I like these burgundy and yellow mixed from these sunflowers, and JoJo planted them in our garden last year. He harvested the seeds at the end of the season, and we are now having a bag full of seeds of these colors sunflower.

The post below showed the close-up pictures of this sunflower. We planted many different kinds of flowers in our garden this year, but the weather didn't co-operate so we have only zinnia and marigold flowers.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. love sunflowers. they are like sunshine... they warm my heart and make me happy.

  2. Gorgeous post...I am dazzled by the colors!

  3. Gorgeous post...I am dazzled by the colors!

  4. I love the bract photos - the color of the sunflower is like autumn.

  5. My grand daughter decided last year we would plant sunflowers but we never got around to it. She loves eating them.

    I love all the different colors and your close ups are amazing. Look at the details!

  6. My son really wanted to grow sunflowers this year. I started four in small indoor pots. Things took off after awhile, but I was too busy to transplant them, and that was the beginning of the end. They got long and spindly and then died. Sad but true. Your photos are really great. Good job.

  7. gorgeous. the flower is so hot looking.

  8. Your flower photos are always absolutely beautiful.

  9. Icy, all the variations in color are all so exciting and your shot so detailed. They are a few of your best shots.

  10. I saw bunch of sunflowers yesterday when me and baby headed for a walk though no 2 colored one like this

  11. I see what you mean by its unique color -being a sunflower. It looks as if its variegated. The lines are really lovely, Icy! :) Have a lovely long weekend your boys! *hugs*

  12. Love, love, love sunflowers...even if they're not bright yellow!

  13. A feeling of the life is handed down to me from the other side of the screen.

    The wonderful form. Colors...

    Thank you for showing an elegant figure.

    From Japan.

  14. I love all the different colors of sunflowers but I haven't seen one quite like this one before. Nice shots Icy, I like the different angles.

  15. I have never seen sunflowers that look like this before. I loved them!

    CA Johnson

  16. I think I saw some at Happy Hollow too, but didn't get this close to them. Wonderful shots of the back!:-)

  17. They are the happiest of flowers and seeing them always makes me happy, too.

  18. Beautiful! Love the colors... I so miss color in the dead of winter!


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