Thursday, October 14, 2010

At The End

As you can tell from looking at this pink coneflower, it is at the end of its life cycle.  Everything is now wilted and ready for the long winter slumber.  The bee though seems to still enjoying whatever nectar left on this flower.

Looking at things change all around me, I think I'm ready for the winter too!  Our day is shorter, and night comes much faster than a few weeks before.  It can get dark quick by 7:00 o'clock now.

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  1. Like you, I'm ready too. I wish I could just hibernate during the winter. One day perhaps, we could move to Mexico and enjoy the sunshine all year long! :-)

  2. Oh isn't it sad? I do love my coneflowers. It's raining and cold today, the leaves are blowing off the trees faster that, well I'm not sure what lol
    I can't tell where your from. It looks like BC
    Your about me pic is hiding it.
    Happy FFB
    Love Claudie

  3. ...and i can't wait for more... it's gettin' colder each night in here... truly, the feelin' of the comin' of the most anticipated event of the year...(^^)b...



  4. The fading flower stills looks very beautiful.

  5. These are gorgeous, Icy! You have a talent for finding beauty where ever you are.

    I feel like I'm just coming out of hibernation from the desert heat now that it's beginning to cool off here. :D

  6. it may be the end but a new bud will come out soon

  7. i am dreaming and looking forward for spring and summer, so yes, winter, bring it on :) i always love to see bees enjoying the flowers.

  8. you are good at catching bugs. Smiles. this is a nice take on the fading flower.

  9. I like the sight of the little bumblebee gathering the last bit of pollen. Great captures Icy.

    I think I am ready for winter too, but then it will come ready or not.

  10. What a beautiful flower! I noticed that the bee on the flower was huge. LOL!

  11. I suppose if we tire of the winter - and have the funds - we can always escape to the other side of the world where summer is just beginning!!


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