Thursday, October 21, 2010

Beautiful Mums

“Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it”
Confucius quotes

It is that time of the years to see mums in all different colors! These beautiful mixed of red, yellow and orange scream autumn to me!  I picked up two pots of these mums to plant in my front garden just to bring in some freshness to the yard, since everything else is on the way to hibernation.

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  1. You picked a beautiful color of mum! It goes from orange to peach to pink.

  2. Mums' vibrant colours do pop out at us this ti,e of year. The deep shade in the middle of this one is lovely in contrast with the outer petals, That;s a great Conficius quote!

  3. oh my...i looove the color of these...gorgeous...such an autumny hue of magic...beautiful!! i love mums...i have some in pale pink and deep pink this year!
    have a happy wkd!

  4. So simple and yet so beautiful. The colour is so warm and rich - it is very beautiful.

  5. When it comes to flowers, I always see their beauty. Yours are very pretty. Mine have just started to bloom.

  6. Wonderful shots, and beautiful color!

  7. Beautiful colours! My parents have a lot of these in their garden, I love them!

  8. ...oh,blooming at its best... beautiful!!!:)

    Good day!!!:)


  9. Gorgeous mums and great Confucius quote! I also planted some mums in our front garden just to add a little fall color and cheerfulness. :D

  10. What beautiful colors. My neighbor has a tree in her yard and some of the leaves change to this beautiful color in the fall.

  11. beautiful color and beautiful shot Icy

  12. Exquisite shots of the beautiful mums Icy, I love this color. I bought some a couple of weeks ago in a very similar color. I agree that this mix screams autumn.


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