Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Spare Room And a Confession

As the holidays coming closer, I'm thinking about replacing my small dining room table for a bigger one.  With just three siblings and our mom, we have around a dozen people already, without the kids' friends.

We have a separate room to use as a formal dining room, but it is a catch all room right at the moment.  The kids come home and throw all their things in there since it's right off the kitchen.  Oh yes, it upsets me, and I want to turn that room into a useful space, but without a formal dining room table in it, it will not happen!

The picture above is my dream table set since this will fit my family comfortably for those gathering time.  For now, I call my spare room a junk room until I can afford to fix it up and make use of that space.
I am always hesitating to have people over because I really dislike my catch all room.  My fear is that it will become something like what I saw on the television show Hoarders. However, as soon as I clear it out, my kids come home with new one, and this is my confession for this week.

Now, tell me that you have a "catch all" room too, so I can stop yelling at my kids!

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  1. I like your dream dining room set. Yes we have a catch all room too, it is the guest bedroom. When guests come into town I have to race around to clean it up before they arrive.

  2. I hope you get your lovely dining room. It will still probably be your "catch all" room unless you can find a better storage space.

  3. I like the dark wood in that set, Icy. It is beautiful and I hope you are able to get it.

  4. Oh yes, we have "catch all" rooms. I don't do any fancy entertaining. Our big dining table gets used for arts and crafts projects and card games. We usually eat in the kitchen or patio. :)

  5. I like your dream dining room table. I hope that you will be able to get it soon. I do have a "catch all" (I like that term by the way LOL!) room. Everyone at home loves to put things on the third floor. Whenever we don't need anything it will go upstairs on the third floor.

  6. Oh, Icy, I wish I could limit it to ONE room! lol

  7. we have no extra room or space in our apartment right now, hopefully in our future home

    that dining set is elegant, love it


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