Wednesday, October 6, 2010

White Morning Glory

I saw these beautiful white morning glory flowers on the side of my neighbor's house, which was also growing over onto my driveway. Yes they were beautiful and glorious to see for only a day. They opened when the sun was out, closed up at night, and gone the next day.

These morning glory seeded themselves, and they seemed to thrive among the weed also.

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  1. So gorgeous! white!!
    They remind me of Moonflower..I hope to plant it opens in the Moonlight..looks like this one!!

  2. Most morning glories around here are blue. These are very pretty in the white.

  3. oh, i never knew that the morning glory only last a day Icy, I usually saw them in the trail during spring, and I thought they last longer since I kind of see them continuously when it is their time to bloom, maybe I am seeing a different bud that opened up each time.

  4. I love the way you made it a mosaic. Very pretty.

  5. I have never seen white ones. Very pretty.

  6. I have never seen a white morning glory...mine are all shades of blues and pinks. Those are stunning!

  7. Icy, I really love the buds on these flowers, they are just sheer perfection. I didn't know that they lasted only one day. Thanks for that info. Great shots, as always.

  8. they are such strong flowers.

  9. I really loved the flowers. I don't see too many white flowers like this.

  10. These are so pretty, I rarely see white morning glories. I really like your collage Icy.

  11. Wow, I cant believe I missed all these posts! What a gorgeous white flower.


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